Project Autism of St. Johns, Inc.

Programs - Awareness - Advocacy

Project Autism of St. Johns, Inc., is putting the pieces together!™ for the residents of St. Johns County. We are your comprehensive source for information and events affecting the Autistic community.


Child playing with blocksProject Autism is currently raising funds for upcoming events such as summer programs, after school activities and much more. By involving our kids in everyday activities we allow the general public to see how autism affects our community. Please refer to our “Calendar of Events” to see how you can participate in future programs.

Project Autism also sponsors regular events for families in St. Johns, Co. These outings include private movie screenings, family “dine-outs,” and other activities. We believe in the importance of social integration for children with ASD and know that the benefits far outweigh the difficulties.

Kevin's Kona Kids

Join Kevin Kohn as he trains for his 13th consecutive Iron Man and competes for the first time at the World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii on October 11, 2014. Kevin would like to bring more awareness about Autism Spectrum Disorders while training and competing for this awesome event. You can follow Kevin by visiting his facebook page where he will post updates on his last few weeks of training, the story of how he got involved in iron man competitions, and to read about his "Kona Kids" who will virtual train with him. For those of you who would like to share your story of a family member with an ASD to "train with Kevin", please email us at

Get Connected!

Project Autism's Get Connected! campaign was launched in 2013 with an initial $5000 donation to St Johns County school district for the purchase of iPads for ESE classrooms. Feedback has been tremendous and donations received continue to fund this campaign to help bring assisted technologies to the ESE classrooms in our schools. Please help us with our goal to have every ESE classroom Get Connected! with the assisted technology they need to allow their students to reach their full potential.

Teachers who are interested in applying for funding may email us at to receive our grant application.